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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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two officers could be fired. one officer he is recommending get a demotion. three officers are recommended for counseling and training. 15 are recommended for suspension up to 30 days, and 23 are recommended to receive written reprimands. today, the deputy chief said it sends a strong message to the community. >> we take their complaints seriously, and the complaint system does work. so when people feel they have been wronged by the police, they can make a complaint. we will investigate it, and when our officers are found to have done something wrong, we will hold them accountable. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 7:00 on tv 36, we talked to an attorney who is representing some of the occupy protesters who were injured in the various protests. he is taking a wait and see attitude as to whether or not this is a step forward or status quo. we'll hear more tonight on tv 36. noelle walker, ktvu, channel
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2news. the couple accused of murdering a retired teacher made their first court appearance in king county, washington. darnell and tania washington are accused of murdering 55- year-old susie ko, stealing her suv and driving it to washington state. both are held in king county jail on $3 million bail. the san francisco police officers' association announced today it is rescinding it's endorsement of christine olague who was appointed to district 5. last week, christine olague voted to reinstate the mayor to his post of sheriff in the wake of his guilty plea to a domestic violence charge. the officer's association said that her vote demonstrated her "lack of empathy" for victims of domestic violence. in vallejo, police have
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arrested three people in connection with a home invasion. police were called to the home around 10:40 last night. the homeowner called 911 as the armed men entered the house and left her cell phone on so the operator and police could hear what's happening. police eventually surrounded the house and then alerted neighbors before ordering the three suspects to come out. >> they told us to get back of the house, on the other side of the house, and you know, say away from the windows and stuff like that. but they department -- didn't know if they were going to fire on them. >> the three suspects are from oregon and colorado. investigators say it appears that they randomly selected the home, and they are currently held on first degree robbery charges. now to the san francisco giants and the national league championship series. the huge win yesterday is turning into a lot of money today. cari liu is showing who's
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cashing in. >> reporter: you can't help but notice how many people are carrying bags full of merchandise, and local businesses are getting ready for sunday whether game 1 is home or away. leslie said she would be out today with a bad case of orange october. >> a play and a miss. >> oh, we screamed. we screamed, and we jumped into each other's arms. >> reporter: this lifelong fan started going to games with her dad in 1958. >> the plastic statue of willie mays kept next to my barbie doll. >> reporter: at the giants' dugout store, there were new posey for president shirts. >> my fiancee david and i are huge giant fans, and i was told not to buy any more t-shirts before the world series, but i snuck over to the store. i think he'll forgive me.
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>> reporter: the hottest items, division tees and a gray post- season hat. >> this store has been as crowded from the second post- season game since the beginning of the season. >> reporter: restaurant and bars along king street are gearing up for a barrage of fans on sunday whether the giants play at home or away. >> it will be really busy from open to close. we have about 10 servers on at a time. it's go, go, go. it will be pretty hectic, pretty crazy, a lot of fun, though. >> reporter: and in the wake of yesterday's win, the team decided to stay in cincinnati. we just learned they'll play the yankees. cara liu, ktvu channel 2news. >> the giants will play either washington if washington beats st. louis tonight or the cardinals if they win. it's game 5 and starts -- the giants -- it starts in washington, excuse me, on
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sunday. if st. louis wins, the series would start here in san francisco on sunday. you can watch the entire nlcs on ktvu. the winner goes on to the world series also on ktvu. now, we showed you this last night on the 10:00 news, but this reaction to the giants' win is worth seeing again. >> it's over! congratulations, san francisco. >> that it is nancy pelosi and representative jackie speier. they could not restrain their violent. you can see that everybody wase keeping track of the game on their smart phones, and they just had to jump up. the oakland as did not win their game against the tigers, but the fans showed their appreciation for an amazing season. despite the 60 loss, the as faithful gave the team a standing ovation and chanted "let's go oakland" for nearly 10 minutes as the players hugged and tipped their caps.
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crews thought they had a destructive restaurant fire out in san francisco early this morning but they were wrong. rob roth has more from the popular spot reduced to ashes. >> reporter: gasia, this is all that's left of the restaurant, squat and gobble. it's completely gutted along with the other businesses. firefighters have been out here putting out hot spots to a fire still under investigation. the fire broke out before 5:00 in a back part of squat and gobble, a well-known restaurant along westportal avenue. more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze, and it wasn't until about 3:00 this afternoon that the fire was declared out. >> it's a very deep building, the first building that they were in. the fire was hard to find, and difficult to find, and they put out what they saw. unfortunately, i think it was far away, ahead of us before we
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got here. >> reporter: the fire also destroyed the newly renovated vin debut wine bar. >> it's overwhelming. i got to go upstairs. it's pretty inbelievable. >> reporter: three firefighters were injured. damage is estimated at more than $3 million. squat and gobble has been here for 10 years and is almost always crowded morning, noon, and night. the owner is out of the country. we spoke with his son. >> devastating. when i got the phone call, i'm not gonna lie. a few tears came down my face. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. there is nothing quite like it on west portal. >> reporter: firefighters say they'll be out here through the night in case there are any flare ups. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2news. and fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused an apartment fire this morning reported at about 2:
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2:00 a.m. we actually got inside one of the burned units and we were told that the damage is to businesses, not residential units. the fire was first seen at the rear of the building. and this home in san jose goes up in flames. more on why crews say it was too dangerous to go inside and fight the flames. an antioch man is asking for her help. the man in his 30s was hit by gunfire in the 700 block of h street last night. people sitting on a balcony fled from shots coming from the streets but didn't see who was firing. investigators recovered around 20 bullet shells and are asking witnesses to come forward by calling the department's anonymous tip line. mitt romney told supporters today that paul ryan did an
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excellent job last night in his one and only vice presidential debate. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady, and poised, the kind of person you want to turn to in a crisis. [cheers and applause ] while campaigning in virginia, mitt romney gave paul ryan a great dereview after his debate with vice president joe biden and said that the vice president was on attack while ryan gave answers to important issues. >> anyone who watched that debate, i don't think there is any doubt that congressman ryan and i, governor romney and the president, we have a fundamentally different vision for america, and quite frankly, a fundamentally different value set. >> vice president biden is campaigning in ryan's home state of wisconsin, and he told the gathering of college students that the debate highlighted the clear picture of the differences between the candidates. president obama and governor romney will face off in their second debate next tuesday
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night held at hofstra university in new york. the polls show that the vice presidential debate was something of a toss up. uncommitted voters preferred joe biden over paul ryan. john fowler has more. john? >> reporter: this is always fun. last night, both candidates appeared a little loose with the facts. here are just some examples. right out of the gate on security, before the killing of the u.s. ambassador to lybia. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. >> reporter: just the day before, state department officials testified that they refused security requests. the white house said that biden may not have been personally briefed. next on iran's nuclear weapons program. four years ago -- >> they had enough nuclear material to make one bomb and now they have enough for five. >> reporter: sources say that current intelligence shows that iran has no bomb-grade uranium
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and no delivery system on which what some call obamacare requiring free birth control. >> they are infringing upon our first freedom, the freedom of religion by infringing on catholic chirts and churchs and hospitals. >> reporter: the fact is religious employers are exempt but it does apply to, say, hospital that is serve the general public. on president obama's proposed tax increase? >> people making $1 million or more -- . >> reporter: the proposal rolls back bush tax cuts on people making over $100,000 and couples $250,000 a year, and we found people commenting on the body language. >> i didn't like biden's reaction. and he is constantly smirking and laughing and showing his big teeth. >> he is comfortable and knowledgeable. he seemed very relaxed. >> the body language is so
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minimal. contrived. they're in suits, come on. >> reporter: 50 million viewers watched the debate compared to 70 million who tuned in for the joe biden-sarah palin debate four years ago. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2news. >> early polling after the debate show that people were split over who they think came out on top. a cnn survey found that paul ryan was the winner, but the numbers were well within the 5% margin of error and a cbs poll found that 50% thought biden won. more doyle drive demolition is coming soon. what it will mean for bay area drivers. and your bay area weekend is here. it looks like it will get nice around here. one of the days, we'll see temperatures in the 80s. i'll show you which one it will be.
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the presidio parkway project leading to the golden gate bridge is about to take the next step and involve s taking a part a piece of history. david stevenson has more. >> reporter: gasia, take a good look. this last remaining remnant of doyle drive will be going away soon. in just a few weeks, this piece of san francisco history will be taken down piece by piece. >> appreciate your help. >> reporter: federal, state, and local agencies today kicked off the final phase of a $1.4 billion project to replace seismically unstable doyle drive. >> a revamped link between san francisco and the golden gate bridge. our workers will gain more jobs. our economy will grow. >> reporter: phase 1 of the plan began in april with the 57- hour demolition of this stretch of doyle drive roadway and the
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rerouting of traffic onto a new bypass. >> now, there is the steel bridge. so that will come down. it won't come down as quickly as the weekend demolition. it will probably be a three or four-month process. >> reporter: crews will take it apart in the reverse order it was built, and concrete columns border the famous presidio pet cemetery. >> we'll see a brand new bridge and three new tunnels and a whole new interchange. >> reporter: completion is set for 2015. there will be more lanes for the 100,000 daily drivers on the roadway, and they promise construction won't slow the current commute. >> ultimately, people will see the construction but it shouldn't impact the main line. >> reporter: the remains of doyle drive will live on in another form. it will be used to build new roads. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson,
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ktvu, channel 2news. santa rosa police say that an suv was on the wrong side of the road when the driver slammed into a tree and died this morning. the driver of the late model suv was pronounced dead on the scene, and the collision happened around 2:00 a.m. witnesses say the driver was traveling west in the eastbound lanes. at this point, authorities aren't sure if the driver suffered a medical emergency or was under the influence. cal trans is shutting down the san mateo bridge in the last two weekends of october. lanes in both directions are scheduled to be closed so crews can make repairs on a large crack in the support beams. caltrans says the best alternative for drivers trying to get across the bay will be to use the dumbarton bridge. federal officials approved a plan to set aside california land for solar development. california is one of six
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western states included in the new solar energy zone. the designation will allow large solar power plants to be built on public land. around 285,000 acres are set aside. the new plan replaces the old first come-first serve system of approving solar projects. a 2.3 magnitude earthquake was centered about three miles east of danville. no reports of damage, but a few people did call into the newsroom saying that they felt the quake. let's talk about the weather and over to our chief meteorologist. you were mentioning 80-degree temperatures coming up? >> yeah. temperatures are warming up. tomorrow, they'll warm up as well and sunday, cooler. it won't be hard to warm up from the 50s and 60s and a couple of weather systems are out here. here is the system to the south of us that brought us the showers the other day, and it's moving off this way, and here is the weather system. that one will tweak to the north of us and keep things
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cool tonight and is responsible for the light shower that -- showers that we had today. here is the systems as they look on the satellite map. one system is going this way. this was the nasty one, and this sat offshore and broke the heat wave last week and got us the severe thunderstorm warning for the santa cruz mountains, and now it is someone else's problems and will go off to the plains and light up thunderstorms and maybe severe weather. this system, a weak system, a more typical extra tropical system more towards the gulf of alaska. a bit of a cold front and the main impact from this, cloud cover and maybe more drizzle tonight into the early morning hours and a few clouds lingering in the morning hours as well. as we go into the bay area weekend, it's warming up. it's been so cool. overnight lows in the 40s and low 50s. 52 in vallejo, and friday night
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if you have outdoor plans, it will be chilly and plenty of cloud cover, and i wouldn't be surprised if you have an outdoor football game, a lot of that is going on this time of year, and you might get drizzle out there. maybe slack off some of the sprinkles. it won't be a wash out at all. but just light drizzle from earlier. tomorrow morning and tonight, see the cloud cover? it's kind of like out there now, and watch what happens as we get into the morning hours. it burns back and mostly to partly sunny in the afternoon for the rest of us. yellows are 70s. greens are 60s. so that's warmer than it was today. a warmer day on sunday, and we've eluded to the 80s. i'll show you how warm it will get on sunday and a significant heat up as we go into the 5 day forecast at 5:45. >>thank you, bill. a glitch prompted honda to recall hundreds of thousands of suvs, and it's a hot button issue on the presidential campaign, and now, secretary of state clinton is talking about
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the attack in lybia that killed a u.s. ambassador and three others. >> and a new study has singled out one of the biggest risks facing teenaged drivers. it not what you might expect.
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paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. the european union has been awarded the 2012 nobel peace prize. the committee said it selected the 20 countries of the eu for their role in building peace
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over the past 60 years. the chairman of the prize committee said that it was awarded with the hope that the european union can resolve the euro crisis. secretary of state hillary clintons that the u.s. still does not have a complete picture of what happened in the attack in lybia. >> and, of course, we areas a government doing what it takes to track down those who were responsible. >> secretary clinton said that the accountability review board is just beginning its investigation. her comments come the day after vice presidential candidate paul ryan questioned the obama advacation's handling of security at the consulate. secretary of dfts leon defense -- defense leon panetta is warning that the u.s. could be facing cyberattacks. secretary panettas that a major
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cyberattack could virtually paralyze this country, and he said the military could take action if the u.s. detects an imminent cyberattack. >> these attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyberthreat. >> and panetta is urging congress to pass legislation. he said without it, the country is vulnerable. right now, the pentagon spends more than $3 billion a year on cybersecurity. honda has ordered a recall of more than a quarter million crv crossovers that affects 269,000 crossovers from the 2002 through 2006 model years relating to a master switch that controls the vehicle's power windows. that could melt and cause a fire. the automakers it's aware of four such fires but so far, no injuries. consumer reports said it has
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discovered a problem with the interior escape lever in the trunk for the lexus. lexus apparently installed the levers to protect anyone who might ends upped in -- end up in a closed trunk. it turns out that one of the biggest risks on the road for teenage drivers may be their friends. >> they are more worried what's happening with the passengers than what's going on the roadway. >> new research show that is 16 and 17-year-old drivers are much more likely to engage in speeding or drinking alcohol when one or more teenage passengers are in the car with them and triple a found teen driving deaths increased 44% when there was another young passenger in the car and incredibly that, number quadrupled when three or more friends rode with them. >> teen drivers, teen
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passengers aren't experienced and don't appreciate what has to happen to be a safe driver. >> teen drivers are already involved in seven times as many crashes as middle-aged drivers. in california, no passengers under 20 are allowed in the teenager's car for the first year after they get their driver's license. police are trying to find clues to san jose's latest homicide. is a club that sometimes features strippers involved? how are officials reacting to the rising homicide rate? >> the economy seems to be settling. i'm consumer editor tom vacar. the latest on consumer confidence still ahead.
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a san jose bar and a rowdy cloud that some attracts some say, may push the homicide rate to a 15-year high. officials are calling the 37th homicide this year a mystery. robert handa is live with the latest on the crime and what some call the alarming homicide rate. >> reporter: we're in a business park in north san jose where the shooting tack place. details are sketching, but investigators are paying particular interest to this bar and nightclub to see if it might be involved in the incident. san jose police say that the city's latest homicide is mostly a mystery. a man was found suffering from a gunshot wound at 1:00 this morning at this business park on rogers avenue. there is one preliminary conclusion. >> right now, we're not investigating it as a gang- related crime.
5:31 pm
but, again, as you know, those things could change. but there is no indication this was gang related. >> reporter: police have been interviewing possible witnesses at the only business there open at that hour, alo bar and restaurant and located 40 yards from the body. a neighboring business owner said that alo attracts large, rowdy crowds. >> the bar, music, strippers, violence, yes, broken bottles, smashed windows, just a mess in the morning to deal with sometimes. but i didn't think it was gonna go this far. san jose has been safe overall in the last two years. it's gotten worse. >> reporter: the homicide rate is a perplexing problem. this is the 37th city homicide this year, and there were 39 all of last year, the highest number in 15 years and 43 in 1997. the highest ever? 53 in 1991. >> it's very difficult to attribute homicide rates to any particular factor. and if you go lou, you realize some of them were gang rolled
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and some domestic violence, and some random acts of violence that no one could prevent. >> reporter: bar employees here declined to comment. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu, channel 2news. and san jose police announced they have arrested 10 people in connection with two gang-related killings, the shooting death of 18-year-old ricky hackus on walnut woods drive in may. police say with the exception of the juvenile, the suspects range in age from 18 to 24 and were taken into custody on october 3. a second victim, a 21-year-old man, suffered injuries from a beating in the same attack. two other men are also in custody in connection with a homicide on june 12 just about a block from where that first killing took place. that shooting took the life of
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a 17-year-old. a 19-year-old and a 24-year-old both from san jose are behind bars. police did not say what led to the arrest but that both killings were motivated by gang rivalries. fire investigators in san jose are trying to figure out what sparked a quick-moving house fire that sent two people to the hospital. firefighters were up against an especially tough challenge as they were putting out the flames. >> reporter: the sight of the flames destroying this home on carlton avenue before 4:00 this morning was unsettling. but for the next-door neighbor, it was the sound that caused the most concern. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. i thought it was the windows breaking, and the firefighters said maybe you better not come in the backyard. there is liveammunition. >> we asked who was on scene, and the biggest issue is when the ammunition went off, that the shell casing would be a projectile. >> reporter: firefighters said it was too dangerous to go inside the home because of the
5:34 pm
ammunition, the unstable structure and the huge flames. so they use what they call the surround and drown strategy, and neighbors watched as flames reached up above the tops of the electric poles. >> the first time i saw it, my heart stopped. but the smoke was scary, too. >> reporter: two people living at the home were taken by ambulance to the hospital. one was suffering from second- degree burns. the fire victims were most concerned about their two cats. >> just going around and see figure he comes out somewhere. >> reporter: firefighters say they're investigating the cause but say it does not appear to be suspicious. reporting in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2news. a two-alarm fire ripped through a home in mill valley this morning. it was reported after 3:00 on bolsa avenue near hillside. the person who lives at the home suffered minor injuries.
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it took about 40 minutes to get the fire under control. the highly respected consumer confidence survey from the university of michigan is at the highest point in five years. consumer editor tom vacar joins us live from what will officially be a new terminal this san francisco. tom? >> reporter: it's important because consumer confidence promotes discretionary spending. the port and cruise companies are betting it will pay off big time here and so are all sorts of other companies. rosalyn is a partner in the emeryville-based travel store where the darkest days of the recession are fading away. >> definitely people are coming back and calling instead of us having to reach out to them. they are reaching out more to us. >> reporter: beyond leisure travel, business travel is rising. >> we've seen an increase in conferences, in travel. this month, we had two of our corporate accounts bring in their employees, and i'm
5:36 pm
talking hundreds of people here to the bay area for conferences. >> reporter: though it's not all-out happy days are here again, the fact of the matter is for many retailers, it's starting to firm up like marble. tez marble has six area locations. >> there has been an up swing in the market the past couple y ears, and we have been growing. we see positive sides of the economy, definitely. >> reporter: the biggest problem? not enough middle-income customers. >> there is no longer a substantial middle class. you have the upper echelon and the people that are actually looking to, you know, be frugal. >> reporter: but there are improvements. >> people are starting to put money back into their homes. >> reporter: get this. winnebagos is the biggest indicator. the maker reported it has the
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biggest backlog of orders since the recession began underscoring the overall recovery in the highly discretional spending rv industry. reporting live, consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu, channel 2news. the treasury department a announced that the federal budget deficit exceeds $1 trillion but is down 16% from a year ago and stands at $1.1 trillion for the fiscal year that ended september 30th. on wall street, the major markets ended the day mixed finishing out the worst week since june. the dow jones industrial average ended up two points and the nasdaq lost five points and the srx s & p was down four points. for the week, the three big indices were down by more than 2%. top official is found
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guilty of embezzlement. >> and a new push to legalize marijuana. how it could impact federal law. >> and see how this heated political debate between two congressional candidates nearly turned violent. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
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a navy helicopter spotted something unusual floating in the pacific ocean off the san
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diego coast earlier this week. bales and bales of marijuana. customs and border protection recovered 300 pounds of marijuana floating wednesday 35 miles west of mission beach. the 77 bales were wrapped in plastic and spread out over a large area, not roped together. investigators are unsure if it was left for pickup or if the owners ditched the marijuana after seeing the helicopter. in a few weeks, voters in three states will be casting ballots on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. u.s. attorney general eric holder is staying quiet on the matter and a spokesperson said they won't spectacular. on monday, former dea administrators and others are calling for holder to come out against the issue. >> if we legalize marijuana, we'll have a public health and
5:42 pm
public safety disasterrer. >> attorney general holder spoke out against legalizing marijuana here in california two years ago before the similar initiative was voted down. if you thought the vice presidential debate last night was rowdy, take a look at these two candidates from southern california. 57-year-old brad sherman asked 71-year-old howard berman, "you wanna get into this?" the two are vying for a congressional seat in los angeles, and their house campaigns are reportedly the most expensive in the country, and their campaigns could also possibly be the nastiest. and clayton's vice mayor, joe medrano, has been found guilty in and it's up to city leaders to decide if he will be
5:43 pm
removed from office. if reelected, he could be challenged to be fit to run for office. butterflies before a big exam seem to be a rite of passage. what researchers are learning about the pre-test jitters. and back here in a couple of minutes, we got the weekend in front of us. it will warm up, and i'll show you where the 80s will show up back here in a few minutes.
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1 year after the firing of
5:46 pm
two hyatt regency housekeepers, their message is being taken to the streets of santa clara. the housekeepers say that they were among many hired employees whose faces were pasted atop bikini-clad images. martha claims she and her sister were fired after she tore down one of the boards. >> they were fired for serious violations of hotel policy, and they were dismissed prior to their complaints that they made. >> the sisters have filed a retaliation charge against the hotel with the equal employment opportunity commission. prison officials face a january deadline to layout their plans for reducing the state's inmate population. a three-judge panel has given the deadline to reduce the
5:47 pm
population by 33,000. that could derail the plan to bring back inmates currently housed in private prisons. so do you get nervous before taking a test? the jitters may be a good thing. a good study found that those who get nervous about tests tend to score higher. even though analysts found an association between the anxiety levels and test scores, it did not prove that anxiety helped to improve grades overall. cancer researchers say that people who quit smoking after being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer appear to survive longer than those who continue smoking. researchers have compiled the records of 4200 patients from eight cancer centers to reach their conclusions. best buy is reportedly looking to challenge the online competitors going into the holiday season. the wall street journal journal said that the company is
5:48 pm
planning to match the prices of internet rivals such as and offer free-home delivery for items out of stock in stores but available online. the move comes as the company tries to downplay wories over shoppers going online to purchase items. the u.s. post office is raising postage rates. the cost of a first class stamp will increase to 46 cents. lettersto international destinations will cost $1.10. the rates are set to take effect january 27. u.s. secretary of transportation ray lahood is checking on the process of the massive clean up project of the mothball fleet in benicia. he toured the site with state and local officials. the mothball fret is in the process of being scrapped and recycle. >> we have an ambitious goal of
5:49 pm
removing 23 ships, the one that is presented the greatest risk to the environment. today, i've thrilled to tell that you we surpassed that goal and removed 36 vessels so far. >> the clean upstarted in 2009. over the years, experts say more than 20 tons of heavy metals like mercury have leaked from the fleet into the bay. the showers yesterday here until the bay area came in the form of snow up in the lake tahoe area. take a look at the photos sent to us by heavenly ski resort. there was enough snow to make a snowman. the storm moved through the reno-tahoe region leaving a dusting of snow. >> if you want snow, you know where to go. but if you want 80s and nice weather, bill, stay right at home. >> yeah. it will be warm inland, and it will be warm along the coast and in san francisco. classic fall weather will revisit us as we head towards the weekend and into next week with nice weather headed our way. the fire danger will come up a
5:50 pm
bit but not a red flag warning kind of event. let's put in the radar. that's a live radar sweep, and there were a few sprinkles this morning, and we had a little drizzle in the east bay hills and albany as well. but most of the activity, at least live stormtracker 2 not picking up anything. this is the system basically pushing to the east. and that system will raise havoc over the plains as it moves across the country. it's potent. they will guilty severe weather out there. this is the next weather system that tweaks through and maybe a little drizzle tonight and maybe a bit in the morning, and that's it, and then things will clear out. as we go through the next 12 hours, it's a general process of clearing. this system goes this way and the other system moves out and we clear up and saturday is the coolest on the bay area weekend and sunday, the warmest and monday and tuesday, mid-80s and low 90s next week, and a warming trend is the weather headline.
5:51 pm
sunday, the warmest day on the weekend. tomorrow is not bad and sunday, the warmest. the upper 70s inland a bit tomorrow, and i don't think we will see 80s tomorrow. it will be close, upper 70s but most of us in the upper 60s and mid-70s. here's how it breaks down as we go through time. today, not that warm. but as we go into saturday and sunday, the temperatures go up. saturday, upper 70s and by sunday, mid-80s and the warmest day in the weekend, temperatures on monday and today, warmer still, and the forecast model, then, shows the drizzle up to the north and tomorrow morning, clouds, clouds, clouds, and saturday afternoon, clear, clear, clear. saturday afternoon, it will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up into the 70s. 78 in brentwood and 76 in livermore and 76 in morgan hill and 75 in gilroy and 75 in los
5:52 pm
gatos. and a nice looking bay area weekend. this is classic fall bay area weekend weather. it will get warm and mild and crisp in the morning hours but a nice bay area weekend and much warmer as we head into next week with 90s possible as we get towards the middle or the end of the week, and we will be watching out for fire danger. but sunday, the best day and saturday, not bad. >> it will be gray and gloomy mid-week now and 80s on sunday. >> the last couple days, not that great. >> thank you, bill. a washington, d.c. landmark is expanding, and we will tell you who will soon be honored at the vietnam memorial.
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in its prime, you might say that the space shuttle flew faster than a speeding bullet but now retired, it's very slowly making its way to the new home at the california science center in los angeles. the center is actually only 12 miles away, but the shuttle is only being moved at two miles per hour because it is endeavour weighs 170,000 pounds with a 78-foot wing span. it will go on public display on october 30th. the vietnam veterans memorial in washington, d.c. is expanding to include a new tribute to troops killed in iraq and afghanistan.
5:56 pm
>> these are real people with aspirations, goals, friends, families, and their he was were cut short. >> the memorial fund is building a new education center across the street from the wall where the names of 60,000 troops killed or missing in vietnam are everywhered in stone. we are showing you the animation of what the new center will look like. developers say it will include a giant screen where the faces of americans killed in vietnam, iraq, and afghanistan will be shown. >> we wasn't recognized when we came back. i think ology the guy that is served for our country should be recognized. >> the goal is for the new center to be open by the time the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan ends in 2014. the head of the memorial fund said there will be a ceremonial groundbreaking for the center next month. coming up in two minutes, a veteran teacher discovered dead in a ravine. how his students and colleagues are coping with the tragic news. >> and outrage over the mixup of murder victims' remains.
5:57 pm
who outraged families want held accountable for the victim.
5:58 pm
i've seen a lot of teachers, and everyone is in shock. >> a popular high school
5:59 pm
teacher found dead. how students and staff at james logan high school are dealing with his death. good evening. >> a difficult couple of days for members of an east bay high school. a popular teacher disappeared and today, students learned of his death. paul chambers talked to students and staff who knew the 54-year-old best. paul? >> reporter: gasia, thfts an emotional day here at james logan high school as students and staff were given the heartbreaking news that a beloved teacher is dead. 54-year-old christopher ryan was a veteran educator at james logan high school. >> chris ryan was a teacher here for 18 years and taught english and social studies. >> he was someone that you knew knew a lot that he would be able to teach us. >> he was really nice. he talked a lot about college. he wanted to prep us all for it. >> reporter: grief counselors were


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